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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

My blog has moved!! | Willro&co Photography | Nowra Photographer

you can find me here now

hope you come with me :)

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Some days.... | Willro&co Photography

Oi - you said you would come and take photos with me....

The camera is over this way

Yes. Farm life is amusing.
There are hazards ya know though

see! I told you so.
"gotta quit smoking" she says, deadpan.
I see this for the distracting technique that it is.

Could you just pose for a minute?

Oh come on!

I might as well just shoot the scenery.

But sometimes she will play.
It is all about bribery and corruption.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

A visit home | Willro&co Photography

I grew up at Parkes.
On a farm.
Can you tell?
Bill says that I speak Goonumblish... (feel free to google Goonumbla if you like). At this point I usually draw a comparison between our HSC marks. But we wont go there.....
He grew up on a farm too - his argument is not sound.

So on a recent trip home to drop off my mother (who had kindly minded my children whilst I went to the workshop mentioned in a previous post....she also speaks Goonumblish.....I don't know what she and Bill talked about whilst I was gone....) I took a few photos.

This is in our front paddock.

It is her best impression of a reindeer.
I am thinking of using it for our Christmas cards.
This exercise also reminded me of something that is virtually non-existent on the coast where we live.
Bindies, grass seeds, prickles, corkscrews....I dont know technically what they are, but I spent the next 3 hours pulling them out of our clothes and shoes. I had to pull them out of Tara's clothes as well because, well frankly she didn't want to go down there anyway and seeing as I made her, then I should have to fix the resultant problems as well.

But that was all a practice for the next day when I took photos of this lovely family

Don't you love their faces in this next one? So much fun!

oh, and if you want to know how to get a lounge in the middle of your front paddock, this is the way you do it...

I had to drag Tara away crying (it always looks bad when your assistant bursts into tears).
She wanted to keep this:

She wanted to call him Lucky.
Lucky all right.....lucky he didnt have to come with us. I've seen what it takes to get her to feed our 'other not so cute and cuddly any more' dog. You were lucky Lucky.
And we stopped for one quick shot in the grape vines on the way home (you are correct, there are no grape vines at Goonumbla...this was at Cowra). Where we stood in yet another patch of burs and transferred them to our car. If any come up in our lawn, I wont be happy....

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Inspire Me 2010

As promised, here are some images from the workshop

Friday, 28 May 2010

I'm back! | Nowra Photographer | Rowena Field

Did you miss me?
Don't worry if you didn't - one of my work colleagues also failed to notice too....although she did think it seemed quiet.

Instead of being a physio, I got to indulge myself as a photographer for the week on the Gold Coast. Somehow I scammed my way into a workshop for professional photographers Inspire Me 2010, and had the guilty pleasure of being taught by Brianna Graham, Raye Law & Ashley Skajveland

Not only that, I got to take 2 of my besties along with me for the ride (bestie 1 & 2)
and they did not disappoint.
Nor did they let me get any sleep.
Nor did I stop laughing for about 6 days.
I had to come home for a rest.
What can I say? they are country girls :)

And a nice picture to share (that I shamelessly admit to stealing from bestie 1's facebook page) of us with Brianna Graham (she is centre right)

I will be back with some photos.......soon.....

oh - did I mention we stayed at a mansion? I think it was built for giants...

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Creativity | Willro&co Photography | Callala

I can get lost in photoshop for hours. Really. Ask my family.

I try to get to the Shoalhaven photography club when it is on. Yesterday's theme for the competition was 'eyes'.
Here are my 2 creative category entries.

Tara thinks she looks good with green eyes and purple eye shadow. Thank goodness this is not real life.

and one of my monochrome entries:

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Young Talent | Nowra Portrait Photographer | Willro&co

What was I thinking? Taking three 13 y.o girls (one closely related to me and supposed to be my assistant) on a semi serious photoshoot?

Obviously I wasn't thinking too hard as I proceeded to let my 6 y.o tag along too.

Despite the container of a bazillion earrings being upended at least twice, and 32 potential costume changes, we did come up with some great pictures for a CD cover........and another to add to my collection of "when they become famous, I did their first photos"

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