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Thursday, 30 August 2007

Gorgeous day

I am loving having a part of the back yard that Chip can no longer inhabit. Children can be sent outside for snacks now. Thats gotta save on floor cleaning!

How good is this weather? It has been a glorious day here on the south coast. So much so that Gracie and I abandoned the notion of housework and headed to the beach instead. Everyone must have been at work (odd, I know for a Thursday after lunch), as we were the only ones there :)

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

moonbeams :)

Ok. I tried to take some pics of this evenings lunar eclipse. I even did some research on the net to try and figure out what sort of setting my camera should be on. Here is my attempt!

What was possibly more amusing was all the neigbours coming out in their jammies to see what I was trying to do! Hah! You didnt think I'd post that pic, didya guys!

SOF newsletter arrived in my inbox this morning. Have a read!

Monday, 27 August 2007


Chip is miffed. He stood with his nose at the new gate for hours last night hoping someone would let him back in. But alas! The BBQ area is now smelling much sweeter and there is no dog slobber on my glass sliding door. Ahhh.

Apparently 'men's ministry' has extended from road bikes to football. A very excited Paramatta supporter has just abducted my St George supporter and they are en route to the Mon Night match in Wollongong. I extended my support to a photo, and left it at that. Nah...dont really care who wins. But I am sure I will hear ALL about it from one of them!

Sunday, 26 August 2007

an afternoon well spent!

Voila - one rabbit - I mean *dog* proof fence. Yay!!

Saturday, 25 August 2007


Apparently pegs work fine if you cant find hair elastics.

Oh - and a digi for the evening..

Love this photo of Troy & Leisa ....so I had a digi play with it. Made all the elements myself in PS CS2 :)

Can you teach me to ride??

You may well think that after spending a week with her elbow in a backslab, teaching Grace to ride a bike may not be the best idea. Probably right. She survived intact however. We ignored her request to take the training wheels off. She has no fear!

Sometimes an idea occurs to you and you wonder why you never thought of it before. Obvious really.

The dog has been driving us crazy living in the BBQ area. He has chewed all the tables. Lifts his leg on the chairs. Has generally made himself at home. Then like a lighting bolt...we (ie Bill) could build a fence! So that has been the project for the afternoon - after the mandatory trip to Bunnings of course. Any excuse will do. *sigh*

So now there is half a fence. The gate may happen tomorrow. So there Chip! You are OUT big boy!

Friday, 24 August 2007

gnobody :)

Gnomes. You either love them or you hate them apparently. And why do they need that 'g'?

Our neighbour loves them. Her husband less so. That of course makes for good stir value -not that Bill is a stirrer (not much).

We thought about tipping their gnome over on the front lawn and surrounding him with incriminating bottles. We spent time developing other devious plans. Next thing you know, the gnome has come to stay! Complete with baby bassinette and blanket.

But, alas, he ran away to distant lands.

Last postcard we received was from the US - then nothing...for months

Until today! Ahh - he was obviously in rehab.
(He said could he come ghome tonight Michelle?)

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

ahhh...sometimes daycare just takes it out of you, doesn't it babe?!

Note to self...dont let her sleep at 4.30pm or she is still whizzing around at 8.30pm!

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Man, I love photoshop :0)
(oh, and you too Bill...)


RAK's (random act of kindness) are a good idea, aren't they?

They have taken the scrapping world by storm...who wouldn't be pleased with a nice scrapping goody sent to you by someone you don't necessarily know, and for no particular reason....other than it is a kind thing to do? I received a little hand covered book from the US from the scrapbook dimensions forum. That was pretty cool..made me feel quite special.

I was helping out in kids church on Sunday. The take home message was about being kind and what that actually looks like. (Apparently it can also take the form of fairy bread cut into the shape of a heart!). What was cool was the reinforcing message my family saw later in the day. There was a meeting after church, so I took the girls home - partly because children and meetings don't mix, but mainly because I was feeling lousy. Bill must have used the latter excuse as my reason for non-attendance. At 4pm dinner was delivered to our doorstep (thanks Lucy:). Kindness, and love for that matter is thinking about someone else before yourself, their needs, and what you can do to meet them.

I got to thinking about kindness. The bible says that it is a 'fruit of the spirit'. It should be something that describes how we are. I think I need to work on my kindness being less random and more characteristic.

I also had a bit of fun playing in photoshop..

Sunday, 19 August 2007

sunny sunday

OK - well it's not exactly sunny. In fact it is quite wet. The 'play' noises from the bedroom are getting louder. It is sure to end in tears shortly. Bill keeps asking Grace how her broken wing is. "I'm NOT a chook" she insists at the same time as flapping her casted arm around. She got plenty of attention from admirers at church this morning...she worked the room noting both the arm and increase in her age. It's great to be 4 and the centre of attention.

I finished covering a book that I have been meaning to do for a while. I wanted somewhere just to note down things that I have been praying about - I've realised lately that so many of my prayers are answered, and I let that just slip away without letting it sink in and realising how good God is to me..us..our family. So I have fixed this problem by purchasing a note book. Of course you need to cover it in something to make it pretty... I think Bill failed to see the point of covering it, but it let him watch the footy in peace. It didnt turn out quite like I envisaged...but the content will be the same :)

Saturday, 18 August 2007

Saturday...Happy Birthday Grace!

Despite a sore elbow, Gracie had plenty of helpers to assist in the present opening.

Got in to see the local GP straight away who chastised us for not just going there yesterday. Live and learn! Her xrays weren't convincing so he opted for a backslab just in case and a re-xray in a few days. Even got a discount on the consult for helping to put the backslab on ;)

Had Shell (daycarer/neighbour/2nd mum) & Mathew over for cake (that had to be bought as my cake making time was absorbed by Shoalhaven District Hospital)

And cake cut as well as it can be by a newly 4 y.o with her non-dominant hand!

always on a Friday...

Got a call from Pre-school. Gracie had fallen off the see saw and landed on her elbow and could I please come at get her? By the time I got there, she was pretty upset - a bit of a worry. She's the one that doesnt cry....

A quick cursory musculosketal examination....(forcing my brain to reach back into the dark recesses of outpatient physio)...darn it..I guess it could actually be broken. Can I just plaster it myself and not get it xrayed? In retrospect, I should have just stayed with that thought.

Now is as good a time as any to become aqainted with the local health service. 5 hours later in casualty and actually regressing in the queue, I decided to give up. At least they had xrayed it. She had socialised with many casualty residents and knew their full medical history, given obvious advice that only a 3y.o can get away with.....found a few potential babysitters...hadn't been a total waste (right)? We'd attempt to actually SEE a Dr tomorrow.

Thursday, 16 August 2007

I lifted this list from a friend's website :) saves thinking!

Yourself: at the end of the day..trying to get dinner ready. Should be doing that instead of this!

Your partner: watching TV in post work wind down

Your hair: brown, messy & badly needs a cut...or maybe just a brush put through it occasionally.

Your mother: doing a painting of some sort. She is prolific in her 'retirement'. Lets hope they become worth something some day!!

Your father: with his Heavenly Father.

Your favorite item: photoshop and my new Canon DSLR :)

Your dream last night: I can never remember dreams after I wake up. The harder I try, the more elusive they become and just evaporate beyond my grasp.

Your favorite drink: coffee...from my coffee machine!

Your dream car: not really into cars - that is Bill's thing. He THOROUGHLY investigates all makes and models. I wouldn't admit it, but I dont mind watching 'top gear' with him. The car we currently have is pretty good (Bill: 'acid rush XR6 turbo' = Ro: Breastfed baby poo yellow ford')

Your dream home: my home is pretty good...if I could just move it 1 km east or south, I would be able to see the beach...but dont have the extra million to make that work for me.

The room you are in now: the formal dining room which has evolved into an office of sorts

Your fear: sharks in the bay...I know they are there....but I need to stay in ignorance or I WONT get it the water.

Where you want to be in 10 yrs: even closer to Jesus, even closer to my husband and transitioned from parent to best friend of my 3 daughters.

Who you hung out with last night: my husband, kids & the girls on SOF

You're not: emotional, girly, unhappy or discontent :)

Wish list item: that house on the beach??!

Last thing you did: stopped the pumpkin boiling over on the stove. I am still supposed to be cooking tea...

What are you wearing: brown *sigh*

Favorite weather: summer on the south coast - perfect (in between all the rain!)

Favorite book: the Bible followed by Pride and Predjudice and really enjoyed just reading 'Whats so amazing about grace?' - I know, it has been out for a while, but I only just got round to reading it. I dont read enough.

Last thing you ate: umm a Brazil nut that I stole off Bill

Your life: blessed beyond belief.

Your mood: weary!

Your best friend: Bill. Really :)

What are you thinking about right now: The answers to these questions?!

Your car: see above

What are you are doing at this moment: just about to get off the computer and serve tea.

Relationship status: married with 3 girls

What's on TV: news maybe? Cant see from here. Bill is watching Law and Order that he taped last night

Last time you laughed: At bible study this morning. They are great gals!

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Rainy Tuesday

Wet and rainy on the south coast today...but after 14 years with no rain, I'm not sick of it yet!

My week has been pretty quiet, which has been a nice change in pace. Even managed to cut my 'to do' list in half.

Tara managed to overcome the Yr 5 basic skill test...so she must have some skills at least! If they have a test for drama and theatre, she'll blitz it. Not so sure about the 'basic' stuff.

We had lunch on Sunday with some of the families from church. Always a giggle.

Spent the day working on the newsletter from the SWS camp. When it is posted on the website, I'll add a link. We are already in planning mode for next year.
Haven't done much scrapping - other than this digi for SBM 'tribute' gallery.

Oh - and I had some cool news today, but hopefully more on that later ;)

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

What a weekend!

What a HUGE weekend (that just kept going into Monday and Tuesday...). This has the potential to be a long post...so if you are feeling weary, you might want to jump ship now. I don't mind!

The Scrapping with Soul retreat was just awesome over the weekend. God blessed us as a team in so many ways over the weekend. Wonderful answers to prayer, encouragement to His women there, and a bit of a prod for those who are still to find out that they can have a personal relationship with God.

Waterslea is a fabulous spot for scrapping, nestled in a secluded corner of the meandering Shoalhaven river.

The weekend theme was 'Going Places' and this WAS really a great place to go!
~ and of course you cant go anywhere without your handbag...
so we were happy to supply one ;)

There were make and take classes

And a great dinner on the Saturday night

And some impromptu photography lessons (thanks Maree :)

It was just fantastic to get together with the SOF girls :)
It is a bizarre thing to have great friends that you "talk" to all the time but have never actually heard their voice. They are all amazing women that God is using in really different ways, and I was really privileged to really get to know them over the weekend.

Meeting Jeanette was special & seeing her face when she opened her scrap pressies from the SOF girls was the coolest thing. Thanks guys - you SO made her weekend :)

Even the daddies survived the weekend and were still in one piece when they came to get us. We should do it more often (Hahaha..I'm joking boys...really...!)

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