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Thursday, 24 May 2007

I'm a bit excited..

OK, I'm a lot excited.

Yep, I'm a proud owner of a new Canon EOS 400D. It is way beyond my capabilities, but I am up for the challenge! Maybe I'll be able to take some really good photos of this beautiful bay that God has placed us in!

Sunday, 20 May 2007

Carolina had a good challenge today: Finish this sentence...

Before I was a mum.....

Before kids I must have had SO much spare time. What did I waste it on?? I worked in my own practice...ran in the mornings...went to aerobics every night...we travelled home to our parents in Parkes nearly every weekend from Cobar...went out when we wanted to.

I think before I was a mum I must have been very selfish...and if God hadn't blessed us with children I imagine that I would be even worse! Having kids has caused me to re-evaluate my life, what is important - what I need to teach my kids that is important. What my priorities are. Whether I am doing things to make a difference for Christ or whether I am just doing what I want. Whether I display in my own behaviour that which I expect from my kids (You know... " stop yelling Tara"..."but you are yelling at me mum" )

Having kids is a huge learning curve. They seem to be great at bringing out both the worst and best in you. They are hands on lessons in patience....although I seem to get this lesson a lot, so I must not be excelling in it!

God calls us to become more Christ-like. My children are the tools to chip at the edges! I thank God for them

Saturday, 19 May 2007

Well, the rain has been blown away by the gale force winds!

Poor Tara - had to play netball in it today. Her team won despite the wind playing havok with the goal shooters!...(and the umpire pulling us up for Tara wearing the wrong coloured undies!!...well - I didnt realise I was supposed to check what she was wearing ) We'll know next time babe!

The lawn is mown.....the kids are playing.....the V8 supercars are on....and I am scrapping. A good Saturday afternoon all in all!

Friday, 18 May 2007

Wet and dismal Friday...

see...an entry 2 days in a row!

It is pouring rain here today. How nice is that!
Chip is not so impressed. He is still unimpressed from the wild hair cut he got 2 weeks ago. Up until then he closely resembled Barkley off Sesame St. Now he just has a bad haircut. It was our fault though. Poor boy was not getting brushed and was full of knots. The dog groomer could not save his woolly coat...it all had to go. Likened it to the comb wound tightly in a little girls hair...just has to get cut out. Sorry Chip.
I am working from home today. Really. Lacking motivation somewhat though. At least it is Friday and I might get around to doing some scrapping tonight....here's hoping!

Thursday, 17 May 2007

I'm not very good at this regular posting thing.

I've been looking around others blogs. Maybe they have more exciting lives than me!
What makes a good blog? ...Humor? ...Reality?..lack of reality? ?

I've decided that it is consistency. The interesting ones give you a sense of their life...OK, I'll try and be more consistent.

Today was the local Eisteddfod that Tara and Tilly played the piano in. Tara - true to form, decided that she would change the song she was going to perform..... a week ago. Great. Fortunately for her she is one of those kids that has you stressed out right to the last minute that it is all going to end in tears...and then pulls it off. "See mum, I told you it would be alright" Great. I wish she wouldnt do that to me.

This was Matilda's first public performance...and being prone to melting down as she is, I sort of figured she would panic and back out at the last minute. She too surprised me!
They both got exactly the same score and both came second in their categories! So there you go. Why was I stressed again?

I remember...my camera stopped working. Just when I needed it to take a photo of the girls performing on the grand piano on stage. For some reason it has become unreliable (it was of course working perfectly when I was trying to demonstrate to Bill why I needed a new one).....now I have a problem. I reeeaaallly need [want] a canon 400D.....We are saving for a family holiday to NZ....when I'll need a good camera.....that I cant afford to buy.......and my old one doesnt work when I need it [go back to start of sentence].

Hmm...maybe I'll just have to ponder it for a bit longer....

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