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Thursday, 29 November 2007

OK, I'm back

I have had 2 emails today noting my apathy towards my blog.

One came from my 3rd born sibling...and as I am in the middle of reading "Birth order - why you are the way you are" by Dr Kevin Leman, it all makes sense. Playgroup has a lot to answer for, doesn't it PV??

My firstborn status, on the other hand, explains my desire to be proficient at everything - including graphic design. So in true first born style, I have decided to prove that I can do it, and my efforts of the last few weeks are now on show...and very soon for sale...hopefully!

It also explains my need to live vicariously through my children - thus Tara is enrolled in the rip curl girls learn to surf day on Sat...and hopefully my other current obsession, photography will be satisfied by getting some cool photos of her surfing....and I will post those :)

The only other thing of interest is a photography competition that I entered...that irked my first born status because I did not win...however I was pleased with the photos. You had to use 5 common objects that Canon gave you in photos in any way that you chose that tried to tell a story... (a box, balloon, piece of cellophane, chalk & a dot). Had I known that the judges were looking for photoshoped versions of laser wielding robots, I could have gone to town...but alas......

Monday, 5 November 2007

A bit excited...

because finally SBM Vol 9 No 6 arrived in my mailbox :)

I guess I have had a few LO's published - and that is always exciting.....but this time the magazine has my design as it's free paper and alphabet. It is a nice feeling to see stuff you have 'made' turn into something tangible. (Oh, and there is a LO of Bill in there too...he is very tangible LOL)

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