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Sunday, 23 November 2008

money money money

by ABBA - that's what you are allowed to play these days for
a piano exam (along with the Addams family theme and some other
music that was vaguely classical). Go figure....it wouldn't have been
allowed in my day.

The practice leading up to these exams seems to have been
painfully long. "Oh, I'll NEVER get it....NEVER!" (think Don Music
from Sesame St as he slams his forehead into the piano keys). Tara
has her imitation of him down to a fine art.

Nonetheless , we finally made it. I have more grey hair and we have
spent some quality time debating the virtues of the piano. The
contention remains that if it is SO boring, why must they do it.
The answer is simple. My mother made me do it, and I'm gonna make
you do it. There is no comeback for that. Fairness plays no part. It is
simply because I am the mummy and I said so. And now it is MY
turn to get to say that (thanks Nanny!)

They both did very well (but declined having their results published) and
if nothing else, we got to take some cool photos at the Conservatorium
of Music at Wollongong overlooking the harbour and with some
beautiful old buildings and manicured lawns.

pre-exam attitude No1

pre-exam attitude No2
(the results reflected this fairly ;)

and some fun shots when it was all over:

Sunday, 16 November 2008

you wont believe

The weekend that I just had!

The internet is a funny thing - you 'meet' people from all over the place - but
often never get to meet them IRL. I've shared daily in the lives of the wonderful
ladies at SOF, but most of us had never met.

Over a year ago, Sally (who founded SOF) decided to try and pull together
this eclectic collection of girls and run a weekend retreat - to meet each other,
but also acknowledge the common bond that links us all together, our faith in God.

I have been privileged to be on the design team for SOF and see behind the
scenes and how things that have fallen into place (ie read 'been organised by God')
We had ladies from all over Australia and were blessed by having Bev (also on the
DT) from New Zealand over with her mum.

These women made me laugh till I cried...and then cry some more. It has taken me
a week to get over the sleep deprivation! God has blessed me more than I can ever
put down on this page by allowing me to spend time with these awesome women.

Our SOF Design Team (minus only 2!).....

Group shot......

The other totally awesome thing was being able to take a
group photo of my Willro&co Creative Team. These talented
ladies work hard to make my designs look good. It is such
a rare thing for a digital designer to be able to take a photo
with 90% of her creative team. Thankyou guys - you know
how much you all mean to me!!
And because part of my gig for the weekend was running some digi
classes, I was able to scout some new talent to help me out :)
Welcome on board to Ali & Leanne. Having a creative team
that all actually KNOW each other (even though we are spread
from one side of Australia to the other) is such a blast!

Happy Birthday Tilly :)

I know...this is late. Thank you to family (ie Phill) that kept enquiring as to whether I had
totally overlooked my middle child's birthday. The photos have just taken a while.

So here goes....
I left the cake mixing in the Kenwood. I came back to find this. I am glad to see
that my work in occupational health and safety has not been wasted on my family.

Tara was away at school camp, so Grace and Tilly determined
that self-made pizza would be the appropriate birthday dinner
food. Cool. One less job for me (yeah I know - I forgot about the
cleaning up afterwards :)

Bill and I went out (without Tilly) for her birthday (not really LOL)
so their babysitter arrived with a special gift of her own. (Thanks

Happy Birthday Big Red :)

Saturday, 1 November 2008

a freebie or two!

It's Digital Scrapbooking Day. (Phillip, stop rolling your eyes and you can just stop reading now)

There are freebies to be had in lots of places....but I suggest you follow the Nuts4Digi blog train around and pick up the freebies to be had. You can download this portion **no longer available**
and if you take the train to Ruby's (M.O.M & kids) then back to the N4Dshop, you just might find a bit extra :)
Enjoy the ride!

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