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Sunday, 29 March 2009

Dad went deep sea fishing

.... so we had a quick visit to spotlight for some tulle & feather boas.

The campers at Red Rock did not quite know what to make of
the trail of bright pink, white and black clad children with
various other photographic 'props' - but it kept Aunty Leisa
and I amused for the afternoon.....

oh - and for those who are interested, you can catch fish in
deeper water...apparently our tinny is not big enough.
[hands over ears] *...not listening...not listening...*

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

sometimes I get a smile

but often not :)

Friday, 20 March 2009


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Saturday, 14 March 2009

Big Red's Head

Big Red got and idea in her head this morning. We freely admit to rarely having a handle on what goes on in there.
'How about you two [insert finger waggling between either parent] pay for me to have my ears pierced?'

I know that LOL is a very overused term. But her father laughed out loud. Hard.

I'm not sure whether it was because her argument for him to fork over money was less than compelling.....or because the biggest chicken of this century (despite the fact that it has really only just got going) had suggested something that meant she would willingly inflict pain upon herself.

This child does nothing on impulse. So either she'd been mulling it over in that little red head for sometime...or it just popped out before she really thought of the implications....accidentally. Her father seized the moment (full of confidence that his money would ultimately be safe), threw a motorbike helmet at her and said "quick, get on the bike and I'LL take you to town personally".

Hmmm ......perilous motorbike ride with crazy Suzuki man AND a painful ear procedure. Immediate fear written all over the face. You could see her processing her options for retreat.

Crazy Suzuki man was not going to let her back down with grace. She had locked in that answer and before she quite knew what had happened she was geared up with even less options for saving face. They rode off....the rider (smirking as he wasn't anticipating having to ride too far down Forrest Rd) and the pillion (looking not unlike a rabbit caught in the headlights).

Wanna know who won??
She only got as far as this ear.
(not really!!)

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Thankyou Uncle Phill and Aunty Annette

for our Christmas present. Love Tara, Tilly & Grace

It was a gorgeous day.....

with a bit of this...

and some of this....

then up the hill on this....

and back down on this...

then you get in a big pool that looks like this......

until they flip the 'on' switch and it starts to look like this....

and if you aren't careful it sneaks up on you like this....
and then everyone gets sloshed around in a big mixmaster like this....

and the little ones can play in this.....

or on these....
I'm not sure if he always has this surprised look.....

and then you just have to do this....
and follow it up with...

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