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Saturday, 30 June 2007

School holidays day 1

We survived day 1.

The largest daughter felt the need to play with her bestie. That is what they are called these days. OK then. See ya!

The remaining 2 felt slighted, noting that having to be each others 'besties' to play with was, in fact, no different to any other day. Oh well. See ya! They didn't leave.

Alright then. How about we investigate the waterfall at Falls Creek that you can see from the highway? No, you can't go swimming. You suppose you'll join us? Fantastic. Get in the ute!

I'm not sure how much water is normally goes over the waterfall, but it looks pretty spectacular at the moment!
Now to clean up before the onslaught of day 2..........

Friday, 29 June 2007

YAY - it's school holidays.

OK - I'm not so excited by that, but everyone else in this household is. And it has actually stopped raining! The sun came out today and I actually managed to get clothes dry on the line for the first time in weeks :)

Gracie learnt to bake scones & is set to become the new Nigella. She assures me they taste just as good in dough form as they do when they are cooked. I have my doubts.
Tara and Matilda decided that despite the cool weather, Chip was smelling offensive and needed a bath. I didnt manage to take any photos of this mainly because they gave up half way through and I had to finish the job! He is now a clean and sweet smelling labradoodle.Temporarily.
Bring on the school holidays! I can say that as I still get to go to work & the daddy gets to childmind. He assures me he is well versed in crowd control. We'll see.
A few digi's I've been playing with...

Sunday, 24 June 2007

My poor neglected blog. No wonder I could never keep a diary. We do have an exciting life really..Ok ,well not that exciting, but here is what we have been up to!
I have been practicing with my camera. I still cant think quick enough what settings to put things on. We went out on Forrest Rd yesterday to try and get a photo of Bill riding his bike. I didnt really take into account the shadows in a forrest. And having a tripod set up on the side of the road pointing at the oncoming traffic had the effect of rapid decleleration in case I held an official position of law and order (he he). I think I'll try again on an overcast day. Odd isnt it, how I pick the first sunny day in 3 weeks to try and take shady photos.

We had hot chips in the park after church this morning. The kids all had a great time - after sooooo much rain, they had nearly forgotten what it was to play in the grass!

Saturday, 9 June 2007

Happy Birthday Tara (and Bill)!

OK - I am a few days late getting the pics up! My baby turned 10 (7/6)....where did that time go? Being fundementally opposed to having to put on birthday parties, she wasnt getting one. "So how about afternoon tea for just 1 or 2 of my friends then mum?" OK...how hard could that be? I should have known better! 1 or 2 turned into 5...and then she wanted a couple of games and fairy bread. How is that not a party??

I think they had fun! Good ol' chocolate game...works everytime.

{we arent mentioning that it was Bill's 36th birthday as well}


SO what did we get up today? Well, we did what all good coastal people do when there is a severe storm warning...we went to the beach.

Awesome display of God's power!

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