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Monday, 30 July 2007

what a busy weekend!

Busy weekend!... But a good one.
CWCI (Christian women comunicating) held a scrap day in Parkes. 25 ladies came along to listen to the lovely Sarah talk about scrapping, but also her faith. She challenged them to consider eternity and what they are doing now that will influence that.

I got to do a little digi presentation, but I think the audience may have struggled a little with the application of a computer to scrapping! Hopefully those that were there were able to enjoy the fellowship with all the other ladies there....even if they didn't understand what I was on about!

What was good was spending time with Sarah, Leisa & Michelle. We had a great time running the scrap day, and a lovely Thai meal. We were joined by Brett, an ex-Cobarite minister who happened to be on his way through as well

What rabbit ears? (thanks Brett)

The other highlight? Seeing my baby brother get baptised :)

newly wed visit

A nice surprise last week to get a call from Geri and Garry whilst honeymooning!
The wedding was so busy for them that we really didn't get a chance to catch up, so having them drop in and spend the night was just lovely :)
Who'd have thought 10 years ago Geri that we would all be where we are now! Isn't God good!

Monday, 23 July 2007

Digital natives

Thats what they are called apparently. Digital natives.
They grow up with a knowlege of computers and how to effortlessly navigate them while the rest of us just look on, aware that it took as a month to accidently stumble across that shortcut.
I certainly didn't sit down and teach her - but at 3 she can open the browser, find Sesame St home page, sign on and play all the games. Then move onto ABC kids and maybe even Barbie.
I often wonder what my grandparents would have thought of todays level of technology and how it would have astounded them...then wonder what the world will be like when I make it to retirement. Will I be technologically competent to survive? Hopefully I will have grandkids there to interpret for me :)

What cool things have happened today?
One of my fav websites, Scrap of Faith put out there first newsletter. It is well worth a look (and not just coz I got to contribute!) The site...and now the newsletter are a fantastic way for christian scrappers to cyberfellowship

The other more scary thing is that I get to teach a class at the Scrapping with Soul camp by default. The wonderful Kim cannot attend leaving the teaching spot vacant...and it seems the rest of the team took a step backwards whilst I wasnt watching. I am praying that it will still turn out OK and that the ladies that have signed up for the original class wont be disappointed. Maybe I need to take chocolate bribes?!
Here is a sneak peek at the LO I have done for the class..
Less than 2 weeks...cant wait

Friday, 20 July 2007

My LO for the SWS camp in a fortnight...
I know...I've used the picture before
There are so few that are decent :)
It is a hybrid LO..

Finally getting around to the photos from last year. I still have an enormous pile. I am definitely taking way more photos than I actually get to scrap. But as I told a special friend the other day, "You dont have to scrap EVERY photo". I am going to take my own advice :)

I think I have come to terms with turning 36. It has been OK so far!

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

36 and counting....

36 is a problematic number. It means that you can no longer round down to 30. No, instead it must be rounded up to 40. I even checked with a noted education specialist (aka Bill). Nup. Has to be rounded up.
My children were kind. "lets start counting backwards from here?"
Nice in theory. The red head has always had a loose grip on reality :)

A friend noted to me the other day this odd characteristic of life. It really is circular even though in may appear to be linear. Things (she was referencing the loss of a loved one) loop around, again and again, just to remind you that yet another year has circled on by, but here we are back revisiting the pain of last year. If life was just straight, you could deal with the loss and then just keep moving forward without being reminded of it over and over.

That's probably a little harsh to attach to a birthday. But the older I get...the less I want to be reminded!

But if there were no birthdays....then there'd be no presents. Right?
And I LOVE my new camera :)
Happy Birthday to me!

Tuesday, 17 July 2007


Listen carefully....
can you hear that?

It is the sound of a quiet house :)
The 3 girls and their father have all returned to preschool and school - and for the first time in 2 weeks I can hear myself think.

The only down side to all that is that it is now quiet enough to sit down and work on my tax. The noise & distraction level had been my excuse till now. Hmmm what else can I find to do instead...

Friday, 13 July 2007

Friday...the end of school holidays is in sight!

What happened to Thursday you might ask... Let's just agree to skip it OK? [ I ran out of time somewhere....]

Today was bicycling practice day. Training wheels were attached for the youngest who was adamant that she knew how to do it Their father was the instructor whilst I worked...so alas no pics. The children returned with all their skin in tact, so I guess it was successful :)

We visited Aunty Marge while we were home and the girls picked a big bag of oranges off the tree. They have to be the nicest oranges we have had in a long time (thanks Aunty Marge!).

This was how I filled in my time whilst 2 games of footy were on TV...

Thursday, 12 July 2007


Wednesday was uneventful other than driving back to the coast.

We stopped in Golburn for lunch and caught up with a few more ex-Cobarites.

They have all grown up abit between photos! The last photo was taken at family hols in Yamba a couple of years ago

Tuesday 10th

Today was Nanny's 65th birthday.

We gave her a retirement party - although Uncle Phill pointed out that she is still required to move sheep and chip burs. Happy Birthday Bid!! Looks like nothing has changed :)

The Goatee gang...they all copied Bill of course :)


Monday, we had to return to our children and save the grandparents. I think they were very pleased to see us.

We had a Field family dinner and met the newest member of the family. Welcome to little Georgina.

Sunday..day 9 of school hols

Bill had been looking forward to this day for weeks!

NO KIDS. They got to have some special grandparent time and we got to go to Dubbo for a dedication and wedding childless!
It was a privilege to see John and Michelle dedicate their 2 children to God and to be a part of that service.

Bill with Lili & Oscar

Lili seemed very happy with her new dolls house - nearly as much as her mother!

We had a mini Cobar reunion at Geraldine's wedding. It was fantastic to see Geri so happy.
Michelle, Geraldine & Ro

The evening was topped off by dinner at the Milestone pub - a cool 'old' pub that has been done up beautifully

day 8 the road trip begins..

We travelled 'home' to Parkes. We still call it home even though we both haven't lived there since being teenagers!

The girls aren't as accoustomed to travelling now. When we lived in Cobar it was 3+ hours just to get to Dubbo for coffee! Now they are bigger...they encroach on each others dividing line on the seat...and then get car sick through Kangaroo Valley. A road with bends was non-existent going to Cobar...just the one corner at Nygan!! AND we sold the car that had the DVD player installed in it. It was a long trip home. I was very aware of why doing it once every 6 months is plenty:)

Friday, 6 July 2007

a digi LO from yesterday's outing....

Day 7..nearly 1 week down

Carpets and children are not a good combination. Unfortunately they are attracted to each other. Matilda particularly loves them and recently did an excellent Pro Hart impersonation with a crayon. What would possess her to do such a thing...being big and grown up and nearly 7? Her father seriously contemplated that same question and was not able to come up with an adequate answer...other than she is a red head. It didn't sit well for her.

She smiled sweetly at the carpet cleaner as he arrived this morning but was somewhat dismayed when he announced that infact the crayon was oil based and had actually dyed into the carpet and could not be removed. She awaits her father's return to inform him of this. Again, I doubt it will sit well for her.

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Thursday addendum..

Just a quick extra post to let little Lili know that Uncle Bill HAS finished her doll house and it WILL be coming with us (somehow) for our weekend visit :)

Day 6 and counting

Windy. Windy. It feels like Pooh Bear's story of a very windy day.
We had a little day trip to Wollongong for the ENT to check Gracie's ears & stopped at Kiama on the way home to check out the blow hole. Despite howling wind, the surf was non existent...and the blow hole was also having a rest. The girls had to amuse themselves with chasing seagulls instead.

If you show this to a seagull.....

This is the next view you get........

Mt Pleasant lookout - looking over Gerringong.

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

day 5...

School holidays...day 5 [but in seems much longer than that....]
One of those days really. I had to take a hydro class for work so I took the elder 2 with me. They managed to do laps of the pool without drowning. I didn't drown my client either. Wins all round!

Is it wrong to teach a child to count cards?? Gracie learnt the basics of snap. It all went well for a while, but was destined to end in tears. Not everyone can win. Especially when they play their father!

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

School holidays...day 4

Tara returned home. Finally. Her Bestie left for Sydney for a few days leaving her with nothing to do but play in Dad's shed. Without doubt a receipe for disaster. She worked hard on her roller blading for at least 5 mins then decided that perhaps a skate board was more her style. Her father fears that she might pick herself up a Sk8r boi, so alas she is not allowed to play at the skate ramp. The last young hopeful I saw down there had a large red mowhawk. I thought that went out with the punk era...maybe it is making a comeback. She is still not allowed to go down there.

Chip also fancies a run at the skate ramp, but had to be content with looking on from under the gate & crying quietly.

The front tyres are scrubbing badly on the car. I have no idea what this means, but it filled in Bill's morning for him. He also notes that he taught Tara the different parts of the motor - I doubt she listened and hopefully she is not being quizzed on it. I dont think it is a question in her upcoming yr5 basic skills test.

The other 2 pursued quieter objectives (at times)

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