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Wednesday, 18 July 2007

36 and counting....

36 is a problematic number. It means that you can no longer round down to 30. No, instead it must be rounded up to 40. I even checked with a noted education specialist (aka Bill). Nup. Has to be rounded up.
My children were kind. "lets start counting backwards from here?"
Nice in theory. The red head has always had a loose grip on reality :)

A friend noted to me the other day this odd characteristic of life. It really is circular even though in may appear to be linear. Things (she was referencing the loss of a loved one) loop around, again and again, just to remind you that yet another year has circled on by, but here we are back revisiting the pain of last year. If life was just straight, you could deal with the loss and then just keep moving forward without being reminded of it over and over.

That's probably a little harsh to attach to a birthday. But the older I get...the less I want to be reminded!

But if there were no birthdays....then there'd be no presents. Right?
And I LOVE my new camera :)
Happy Birthday to me!

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