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Tuesday, 3 July 2007

School holidays...day 4

Tara returned home. Finally. Her Bestie left for Sydney for a few days leaving her with nothing to do but play in Dad's shed. Without doubt a receipe for disaster. She worked hard on her roller blading for at least 5 mins then decided that perhaps a skate board was more her style. Her father fears that she might pick herself up a Sk8r boi, so alas she is not allowed to play at the skate ramp. The last young hopeful I saw down there had a large red mowhawk. I thought that went out with the punk era...maybe it is making a comeback. She is still not allowed to go down there.

Chip also fancies a run at the skate ramp, but had to be content with looking on from under the gate & crying quietly.

The front tyres are scrubbing badly on the car. I have no idea what this means, but it filled in Bill's morning for him. He also notes that he taught Tara the different parts of the motor - I doubt she listened and hopefully she is not being quizzed on it. I dont think it is a question in her upcoming yr5 basic skills test.

The other 2 pursued quieter objectives (at times)


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