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Tuesday, 29 January 2008

the long weekend

Our inital visitors cancelled on us (thanks Gordo for not sharing the spewy thing with us), however we had others available to take their spot.

We had a lovely visit from the MixMasters but the fish still elude us...

Some new wordart available at Faithsisters (thanks to some of
the SOF girls for great signature lines)

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

New Kit in store

available now at Faith sisters and soon at BlueBazaar

just today

Always at the computer...hopeless at keeping the blog updated....

Perfect day for the beach. We swapped Gracie for Loz & practiced surfing while the bay had something that resembled waves
Still no pro-surfer shots. Let's say its the camera and not the subject's fault.
Even the dolphins and their entourage meandered past.

Hope you are all surviving school holidays. It is nearly at an end!

Sunday, 20 January 2008

My word for 2008

2008 seems to be the year that you should have a word.

Ali Edwards has thrown out the challenge to the scrap community at large to pick a word that embodies what will be meaningful to you this year. Her blog contained the “one little word” concept : A single word can be a powerful thing. It can be the ripple in the pond that changes everything. It can be sharp and biting or rich and soft and slow.

As I pondered this (not having found a word of my own as yet) I was reminded of the New Years Eve events in Sydney in 2000. Our Harbour Bridge was emblazoned with the word ETERNITY. The story behind this powerful – some seventy years earlier a gentleman named Arthur Stace, with his life in tatters around him, walked into a church and heard the minister speak about eternal life available to us through Jesus Christ. He walked out a changed man and spent the next 40 years writing the word ETERNITY in chalk on the pavements around inner Sydney. His one word sermon was powerful.

Maybe you have found your word for 2008, but I encourage you to think also about a word that will not only shape 2008, but the rest of your life.

This freebie is available over at Faith sisters

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

I have a clean house!

Have had one for 2 days now!...
the rest of the family is having some quality farm time with their grandparents. They will all be back tomorrow - and so it ends.... I should have taken a photo whilst it was spick and span.....

Made a few digi things - loving having the opportunity to make things that have a bit more meaning to them ;)

both are available at Faith Sisters, and the alpha will be available soon at BB for those in Oz

Sunday, 13 January 2008

I've expanded.

Digitally...not circumferentially

(although my scales may say my circumference has in fact increased over Christmas. *sigh*)

I'm now on sale in the US! It was a bit of a whirlwind sorta thing, but you never know where it may all end up. You can now also find my digital products at Faith Sisters. I even put up a freebie for starters that you can find here.

It will be great to be able to make digital products that combine my love of all things digital with my faith :)

Friday, 11 January 2008

dinner was nice

at the Butterfactory - thanks for all those who checked that Bill had actually taken me somewhere nice :)

Other than that I spent some time playing in photoshop (while Bill helped some friends from church build their shed) and the girls rearranged their rooms

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

cant think of an interesting title

Or anything really interesting to say for that matter. BUT tomorrow is our 15th wedding anniversary so hopefully I can say tomorrow that we went somewhere really cool and romantic for dinner.
Not sure if Bill reads the blog.

available soon at bluebazaar

Saturday, 5 January 2008

and a few more digi elements

that will be available soon at Blue Bazaar

post Christmas

The Gonzalez Family joined the mix next & picnicked at the spider's web in Husky.

Now you would think that in this day of over-the-top OH&S that this would have been outlawed by now, but on careful examination, the men decided that even if the children did fall from the very top, some of the web would inevitably break their fall. No one fell. No adults had to climb to the top to extricate small children. It was all good.

AND Carol discovered the wonders of an apple swirler and what it could do to potatoes!

We also got a chance to catch up with some SOFers that were around for brunch and a browse through the shops in Berry

Our next lot of visitors have called in sick...so there is an opening at the 'holiday' house for any that haven't been yet!

Christmas 2

We decided to consolidate Christmas presents this year - something of decent size rather than lots of bits and pieces to get lost.
By far the coolest present was Gracie's digital camera. She took photos of everything that moved...children, dogs, visitors, her disgruntled mother that was trying to get dressed after her shower (that one was DELETED & she was barred from re-entering the bedroom)

Her Christmas looked something like this..

Tara also fared well with a surfboard - however there has been no surf to speak of since it arrived.

In an attempt to promote athletic endeavour with Tilly, we decided on a bike. Those who know her understand that she *is* Anne of Greengables and as such would prefer to have her head in a book than doing anything that might promote sweat. Her face gave this away when she discovered her present. As you can see, I have NO photo of her actually riding it yet. Her response to a phone enquiry from her uncle as to what she got for Christmas was "..lets not talk about it". Poor Till. I did also get her her the complete Anne of Greengables DVD series to complement the bike, so at least she was happy with this.

We had Bill's parents siblings, families for Christmas, so it was a full and busy house. I doubt they would like all the family pics on my blog ... It was great to catch up with everyone :)


OK - so I'm running behind!

We have had a steady stream of visitors that have kept me busy...but now they all await photos of themselves, so here goes.

Lets start with pre-Christmas.

Enter the Cooks.
This represents the true start of Bill's holidays as it meant a male conspirator and collaborator had arrived to encourage him in his wayward endeavours (whilst the mummies could restrain children that might otherwise cramp their style). Let's just say if I had locked the doors earlier, none of the below would have occurred, I would not now be a boat owner, and my mastercard would be in a much better state.
Fortunately the children were not yet sleep deprived by this stage and could still see the fun in all things wet. This lasted until Chip *fixed* it with his canine incisors.

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