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Sunday, 20 May 2007

Carolina had a good challenge today: Finish this sentence...

Before I was a mum.....

Before kids I must have had SO much spare time. What did I waste it on?? I worked in my own practice...ran in the mornings...went to aerobics every night...we travelled home to our parents in Parkes nearly every weekend from Cobar...went out when we wanted to.

I think before I was a mum I must have been very selfish...and if God hadn't blessed us with children I imagine that I would be even worse! Having kids has caused me to re-evaluate my life, what is important - what I need to teach my kids that is important. What my priorities are. Whether I am doing things to make a difference for Christ or whether I am just doing what I want. Whether I display in my own behaviour that which I expect from my kids (You know... " stop yelling Tara"..."but you are yelling at me mum" )

Having kids is a huge learning curve. They seem to be great at bringing out both the worst and best in you. They are hands on lessons in patience....although I seem to get this lesson a lot, so I must not be excelling in it!

God calls us to become more Christ-like. My children are the tools to chip at the edges! I thank God for them

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