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Thursday, 29 January 2009

hear that?

that's the sound of me sipping my coffee frappe in peace and quiet as I survey a tidy house. (No sign of that tear in my eye that my work colleagues are determined that I must have as I send my baby off to school). Nup...it's all good

It was a 2 part process.
Part 1: yesterday.
Biggest girl off to high school all set to navigate the perils of the local bus system. I relented and drove her to town for her first day. She was adamant that dropping her off in the bus bay was all that would be required. That was, of course, until she was actually in the bus bay and the imminent first day of high school loomed. Now she required me to actually park the car and escort her in the gate. Unfortunately she left her run too late, and as a bendy bus threatened to compact the car, and the driver gestured something towards me, I shoved her out the door with "you'll be fine, have a great day". She stood forlorn in my revision mirror for all of 3 seconds till she found her friend and disappeared without a trace.

I got a text message today informing me that she did not have enough food to survive. I'm not sure that hunger technically constitutes the emergency for which she was given the phone (it was more for say....missing the bus and us having to drive the half hour to town to pick her up)
Needless to say, she has survived the first 2 days despite our dire stories of little 7th graders being used as toilet brushes and me pointing out that having her hair sticking out like that was asking for trouble.

Part 2: today
GSFS (Gracie spacie feral snotbag) makes an impact on the local school.
She started out pretty darn cocky.

slight fear starting to creep in...

OK with the support of others......

Decidedly concerned walking through the school gates....

I've got to do this for HOW many years???

Don't worry, the first face was back by the time I picked her up in the afternoon :)


Gayle Smith 29 January 2009 at 6:37 pm  

I LOVE your commentaries RO! You crack me up!
My girls don't start til Monday..and no new experiences like yours yet...next year.
Glad to hear they are doing fine.

Beverley Warwick 29 January 2009 at 6:56 pm  

Awwww ... so cute! Both the big one and the little one ... enjoy your quiet days and clean, undisturbed house. Counting down to the 9th of Feb here.

Melanie 31 January 2009 at 11:08 am  

I always love reading your blog posts Ro, they are always full of humour.

I hope Tara and Gracie had a good day at school. Gracie looks like she will rule the school before long.

Leanne 1 February 2009 at 10:34 am  

How totally cute, gee the girls look like you especially your eldest, she is beautiful. Love how Gracie appears to have won everyones heart already. She will have them all wrapped around her little finger in no time LOL
Leanne xxx

Neek 3 February 2009 at 8:22 pm  

Love the comments Ro! You have had a double whammy haven't you!! Enjoy the quiet.

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