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Monday, 1 October 2007

Day 13 - our last day in NZ

really, we had lots of fun....but I had now had enough of living out of a suitcase and was ready to go home. But first, let's make the last day count!
We booked a sightseeing day in Christchurch...the 'big 5' you have to see before you can go. We set a cracking pace and maintained it all day...hardly stopping for food (we were reminded constantly of that deficit however).

Stop #1
The Antarctic Centre.
This has attraction has a special blizzard room...just in case you hadn't experienced one and didn't want to die wondering. They suit you up, then lock you in a room with about a hundred other tourists and turn the dial down to -20 degrees & the fan up flat out. I am sure they are all standing on the other side of the glass laughing. Grace didn't laugh for very long. She states she will never return.

The centre is also home to many penguins and related displays. These things dart around so quickly they are very hard to photograph. I think the only ones I got successfully were stuffed with wadding or humans.

A nice conglomeration of animals. The girls whipped around each, pausing only to try and locate the elusive kiwi. It was there somewhere in the dark. You weren't allowed to take photos. We were lucky enough to return with a fluffy impostor that when squeezed apparently makes a kiwi chirp. Sounds like a bell bird being strangled.

Stop #3
Searching for the rare hectors dolphin that can be found only in these waters. We found 1. He didn't want to play. Their claim to fame is that there fin looks like a Mickey Mouse ear. I suppose so.

There was conjecture between the ship's captain and first mate as to whether it was male or female. One felt it was male because it was smaller, the other was sure it was a girl because it was bigger. The boatload of Japanese tourists were none the wiser & took lots of pics.

Stop #4

Now this was worth doing. Spectacular views...and the best coffee (and I know coffee) and souvenir shop that we had encountered on our whole trip. Should have saved our money for here :)

AND lucky last #5

A nice way to rattle around Christchurch.

And finally to finish of the Christchurch experience...banana splits :)


Melanie Harris 11 October 2007 at 10:27 am  

The Antarctic Centre sounds like I would like it. Lol I love the cold.

Beautiful photos of the places around Christchurch. It is a beautiful place.

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